по английскому языку
для учащихся 7 класса общеобразовательной средней школы

Диктант Monica Cox

Monica Cox is a tennis player. She has won a lot of competitions. She started plaing tennis with her father when she was three years old. Two years ago she went to America to a famous tennis school in California. monica and her father have travvelled to many countries. last month they went to Australia. Monica played well but she didn't win. She hasn't played at Wimbledon yet, but she hopes to do so.


1. Дайте краткий перевод записанного текста.

2. Подчеркните в тексте глаголы в прошедшем неопределенном времени одной чертой, а глаголы в настоящем совершенном времени - двумя чертами.
3. Поставьте 5 вопросов к тексту.
4. Дайте полные ответы на следующие вопросы:

-What is your name?

- What are you?
- How old are you?
-What form are you in?
-What subjects do you study an school?
-What is your favourite subject?
-What is your hobby?
-What is your friend?
-Where do you live?
по английскому языку
для 11 классов общеобразовательной средней школы

Диктант Nadezhda Durova

Nadezhda Durova was born in an old Russian family which was neither rich nor poor. As she was the daughter of an officer her nurse was hussar who taught her to ride a horse and to shoot.

Nadezhda always wanted to serve her country. So when she grew up she decided to leave her hometown secretly with an idea to join the Russian Army.
One night, when everyone in the house had gone to bed, Nadezhda cut off her hair, put on man's clothes and went to the village where she knew a military unit had stopped for a rest. She reached the place and became an officer. Nither the general nor the officers knew that the newcomer was a girl, because Nadezhda now looked like a handsome young man. That was the begining of Nadezhda Durova" military career.


1. Дайте краткий перевод написанного текста
2. Выпишите из текста все местоимения и дайте их характеристику
например I- личное месатоимение 1 лица единственного числа.
3. Постаьте вопросы к тексту/ не менее 5/
4. Дайте полные ответы на следующие вопросы:
- What is your favourite sport?
-Have you got a library at school?
-What kind of books do you prefer to read?
-What do you usually do during weekends?
-What kind of profession do you like and why?
-What is your hobby?

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