Тренировочные материалы по подготовке к ЕГЭ по английскому языку
Представила: Савинова Н.Б.
Дата: 11.03.04

Кабинет иностранных языков ООИПКРО представляет дистантный обучающе- тренинговый материал , предназначенный для подготовки к ЕГЭ учителей иностранного языка и учащихся. Материал состоит из обучающих правил, заданий и проверочных тестов, к которым прилагаются ответы. Представленный материал поможет учителю сконцентрироваться на основных проблемах лексики, грамматики, словообразования, расширить имеющиеся знания и отобрав тестовые заданий соответствующего уровня апробировать их на учащихся. Рекомендуется следующий алгоритм выполнения заданий:

1. Ознакомление с теоретическим материалом

2. Выполнение сопутствующих проверочных заданий с целью определения уровня

3. оценивание результатов работа над ошибками

4. Повторное выполнение заданий и его оценивание

5. Переход к следующему блоку теоретического материала с соответствующими сопутствующими заданиями

6. Повторение 1,2,3,4

7. Выполнение последнего теста и оценивание результатов

8. Возможно повторное выполнение после проведенной работы над ошибками

9. Отбор заданий соответствующей степени сложности и выполнение их с учащимися.

Часть 1


Изучение значения наречий помогает определить синонимы и лучше воспринимать прочитанное при выполнении теста.

Наречие – это слово, основные функции которого направлены на изменение(дополнение) глагола, прилагательного или другого наречия.

Чаще всего наречие образуется с помощью добавления окончания – ly

к прилагательному

Quick - quikly

В английском языке существует несколько типов наречий

1. Наречия времени

2. Наречия скорости

3. Наречия предела

4. Наречия частоты выполнения

5. Наречия степени усилия

6. Наречия образа действия

Познакомимся со значение наречий различного типа

Наречия предела

Almost, practicaly- a limited amount,a little bit, not complitely

Virtually, essentially- almost completely, almost entirely, for the most part

Scarcely-emphasize a narrow margin,very little ability or possibility \often followed by any or enough

Hardly- with great effort, emphasize the difficulyinvolved

Barely-a negative word for scarcely and hardly

Just- immidiate past, only, the minimum amount possible

Merely- and nothing more, simply

Rather-somewhat, a little bit

Roughly-approximatly / used with numbers


Прочитайте примеры и переведите про себя

§ She saved almost no mony last year

§ The actress wo practically all the award

§ The accident victims escaped virtually unhamrmed

§ John and Will are doing essentially the same experiment

§ I could hardly stand because i was very tired

§ We had barely arrived when the movie began

§ She just finished the test

§ I didn’t break the glass, I merely dropped it

§ It is rather cloudy to day

§ I have roughly one dollar in coins




Virtually- в сущности, фактически



Hardly-с трудом

Barely-едва ли

Just-как раз

Merely-только только




Выполните тестовое задание1.1, заполнив пропуски соответствующим наречием

1. She is........pretty


2. She was ......late, not absent


3. I can’t leave yet. Work finishes at 5.30 and it is......5.00

Practically\ barely\ rather

4. We can go home soon our work is.....completed

Practically\ barely \rather

5. I don’t think se should canel the picknic. The sun is coming out and it is....raining


6. We never get to shore. The wind has died; there’s.........no breeze


7. Don’t bother to clean up. ...........lock the door.

Rather\practically\ just

8. Take a sweater. It’s.....cold

Rather\practically\ just

9. I didn’t mean to insult him. I........said he was overweight

Merely\roughly\ almost

10. There was so much traffic that we....missed the plane

Merely\roughly\ almost

11. I am not really sure. I think there are......200 people to the reception. It is sure to be crowded.


12. I give up! The job is.......impossible


13. Because of the fire the house was........destroyed. The have to rebuid everything

Rather\just\ essenetially

14. The concert had started when we arrived. We didn’t miss much at all

Rather\just\ essenetially

15. Please wait for me. I have....... finished the assignment.

Almost \hardly\roughly

16. Don’t bother waiting waiting. I’ve .....begun

Almost \hardly\roughly

17. Joan was in such a hurry that she........ ran through the store

Practicaly\ rather\ barely

18. It was........impolite of her to eat and run

Practicaly\ rather\ barely

19. We were sitting so far from the speaker that we could........hear the talk

Barely\ rather\virtually

20. I didn’t buy the dress because it was........expensive

Barely\ rather\virtually

21. The temperature in the room was so cold that I could.......see my breath in the air

Practically\ merly\ screcely

22. The survivors had been missing for twenty days and were......... alive when they were rescued

Practically\ merly\ screcely

Наречия скорости

Quickly-with speed, in a short time

Hastly- in a hurry, too quickly to be careful

Promptly-without delay, at once

Slowly- with little speed, taking a long time

Lethargically- drowsily, without energy

Tardily- late,not prompt

Прочитайте примеры и переведите про себя

§ Tom wanted to get to the football game on time, so he did his work carefully but quickly.

§ Sally was not in a hurry to reach the library, so she walked slowly and window- shopped along the way.

§ When Martha found her mother was coming to visit in an hour, she hastly cleaned the house not bothering to polish the silver

§ The children seemed tired and sleepy as they lethargically put their toys away.

§ The two sisters are quite different. Elena always tries to be on time and arrives for class promptly at 8.30

Nelly, however, arrives at about 8.40 and always enters the class tardily



Hastly-наспех, впопыхах

Promptly-сразу же


Lethargically- вяло, апатично

Tardily- с опозданием


Выполните тестовое задание 1.2., заполнив пропуски соответствующим наречием

1. Try to do your exercise.......... after class so that you don’t forget information the teacher gave you.


2. Not having time for conversation, Joan........greeted her friends and rushed on, hardly hearing what they say


3. The snow and ice make driving............ an important aspect of winter travel


4. The tennis player took the ball, concentrated for a moment, and ........stepped up to the line to serve


5. Since I lost your adress, I’m afraid that you will receive this note somewhat........


6. Awaking in the spring after a long hibernation, bears move about.....for several hours



Наречия частотности

Constantly-continually, without pause

Steadily-continuing forfzrd in an even, regular manner


Occsionally- once in a while, irregularly

Periodically- at fixed intervals or times

Annually-once a year

Daily-once a day

Weelky-once a week



Steadily-устойчиво, равномерно

Intermittently-прерывисто, с перебоями

Occsionally-изредка, случайно

Periodically- периодически

Regukarly- регулярно

Annually- ежегодно


Weelky- каждую неделю


Выполните тестовое задание1.3, заполнив пропуски соответствующим наречием

1. We didn’t see him every day; he only stopped in..........


2. Although the team had no long runs, they progressed.........down the field. Slowly but surely, they approach the goal line.


3. It is hard for the secretary to get much work done because the telephone rings.........She never gets a minute to herself.


4. The accoutant visits the office once a year; she checks the books........


5. The doctor ordered the overweight man to take long walks every day. He needed to exercise.........


6. The capitain went to the deck........ to talk to the passengers. He thought it was important to be available to them at certain times during the day.


7. The rain showers occurred.......throughout the day. No one knew when to expect another downpour.


8. In order to be in top condition a horse needs to be exercised........, not just when it seems convenient.


9. The news program is broadcast every Saturday. It can be viewed.....on



Наречия оценки действия

Сorrectly-without erros

Effectively- meeting a need

Efficiently-without waste

Conscientiously-thoughtfully,with care

Concisely- briefly and clearly

Precisely-to the point, accuratly


Erroneously- incorrectly

Sllopily-without care, carelessly

Прочитайте примеры и переведите про себя

1. If you don’t read the derection correctly, you might make a mistake in assembling the model

2. You should see a drop in the fever within a few hours after taking this medicine; it works very effectively.

3. The furnace heats more efficiently if the damper is properly regulated. You use less fuel and have a more constant trmperature.

4. Before leaving the office every day the manager conscientiously cjecks for messages, turns off the lights, and locks the door.

5. Sylvan impressed his boss by concisely describing the nature of the problem in just a few minutes.

6. The chef cooks the dishes precisely as the recipes direct, and the results are always the same.

7. John erroneuisly turned on the hot water instead of the cold and burned his hand badly

8. Compositions that are written sloppily and handed in without being proofread will always receive low grades




Effectively-эффективно, безошибочно

Efficiently-действенно, умело

Conscientiously-добросовестно, тщательно

Concisely-ясно, четко

Precisely-точно, аккуратно

Deftly-умело, искусно



Выполните тестовое задание 1.4, заполнив пропуски соответствующим наречием

1) The letter should be shorter and to the point. It should be..........written


2) These craftsmen do an excellent job on woodwork. Teir table is.......carved


3) Martina never takes a day off and always arrives at work on time. She does her job very..........


4) I can’t accept this application. Be more carful. This is.......done


5) The correct date for the meeting is february 22. It was ......... printed in the newspaper at February 20


6) Marty does all his shopping and household errands on one day and drives to town only once a week. He

plans his week very.............


7) Spelling is very exact skill. You have to think very........


8) We have planted trees and constructed a canopy. This.......shades our outdoor patio


9) Marcia recieved the highest grade in the class. She answerd all of the questions........



Наречия степени и усилия

Ultimately-finally; in the end

Urgently-with great need, very setiously


More and more- increasingly

Enormously-immensely; tremendously

Assuredly-certainly; positively

Mildly –moderately


Прочитайте примеры и переведите про себя

1) It was his greed that ultimately ended the thief’s career

2) After the earthquake, medical supplies were urgently needed

3) Taking orders in advance didn’t help much; it was only marginally useful in making the product

4) As different criteria were added to the selection process, the decision became more and more difficult

5) Thanks so much for your advice. You’ve been enourmously helpful

6) Traveling by air is assuredely the fastest mode of transportation

7) Because of the advance preparation for the storm, the homes in our area were only mildly affected

8) Even though the newscast spoke laconically on the topic and did not elaborate much, the broadcast was quite informative


Ultimately- в конечном счете, в конце концов

Urgently- настоятельно необходимо

Marginally- едва, слегка

Enormously-чрезвычайно, значительно

Assuredly- надежно, уверенно

Mildly-умерено, мягко

Laconically- кратко, лаконично


Выполните тестовое задание1.5, подобрав соответствующие фразы или слова к наречиям

1. ultimately A. To a limited extend

2. urgently B. Tremendously

3. marginally C. Not seriously

4. more and more D. Finally

5. enormously E. Concisely, briefly

6. assuredly F. Incresingly

7. mildly G. Certainly

8. laconically H. compellingly


Наречия образа действия


Explicitly-in an exact and detailed way

Peculiarly-oddly, strangely

Impartially- without favor

Typically-in the usual manner

Readily-without hesitation

Willingly-with pleasure

Прочитайте примеры и переведите про себя

1. People who speak franky are often criticized for their lack of tact

2. The photograph of the demonstration depicted the scene explicitly

3. The peculiarly acrid smell in the basement caused the man to check for hot electrical wires

4. The hurge was known for making her decisions impartially even though her personal views might differ

5. Driving in the city is always difficult. During our last trip to the city we got stuck in the typically congested hour traffic

6. The director puts telephone number of majer clients in a file on her desk where they are readily available

7. Children willingly get up early on Christmas, anticipationg the gifts waiting for them under the tree



Frankly-откровенно, открыто

Explicitly-подробно, точно

Peculiarly-своеобразно, необычно, специфично

Impartially-беспристрастно, спрведливо


Readily- без промедления, с готовностью, живо

Willingly-охотно, с удовольствием


Выполните тестовое задание1.6, заполнив пропуски соответствующим наречием


1. The neighbours were to be able to help the family rebuild the barn after the fire.

They helped...........

2. The cook arranged her spices and ingredients so that they were close at hand and convenient for her use.

The spices and ingredients were.........found

3. The ambassador did not beat around the bush but came right to the point and stated things clearly.

The ambassador spoke.................

4. The patient wandered throug the hall at all hours and talked constantly about her money.

The disease made her act...........

5. The teacher always read the composition without looking at the name of the writer. Then he gives grade.

The teacher grades the compositions........

6. James first read the directions. Then he carefully followed each step of the instructions.

He followed the directions..........

7. Thr children put on raincoats and rubber boots bffore they left the classroom for recess.

They were dressed for the..........rainy weather that occurs in New England during the spring.


Задание 1.1

1. Rather 2. Merely 3.Barely 4. Practicaly 5. Hardly 6. Virtually 7. Just- 8. Rather 9. Merely 10. Almost 11.Roughly 12. Virtually 13. Essentially 14. Just 15. Almost 16 Hardly-. 17. Practicaly 18. Rather 19. Barely 20. Rather 21. Practicaly 22. Scarcely-

Задание 1.2

1. Promptly 2. Hastly 3. Slowly 4. Quickly 5. Tardily 6. Lethargically

Задание 1.3

1. Occsionally 2. Steadily 3. Constantly 4. Annually 5. Daily 6. Periodically 7. Intermittently

8. Regularly 9. Weelky

Задание 1.4

1.Concisely 2. Deftly 3. Conscientiousl 4. Slopily 5. Erroneousl 6. Efficiently 7. Precisely

8. Effectively 9. Correctly

Задание 1.5

1d 2h 3a 4f 5b 6g 7c 8e

Задание 1.6

1. Willingly 2. Readily 3. Frankly 4. Peculiarly 5. Impartially 6. Explicitly 7. Typically